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La Formula "All in One"

Dìmmune F

Active defence


DìMMUNE F is a food supplement developed to support the natural physiological defences of cats subject to external attack. Its Phytocomplexes, together with the presence in the formula of highly absorbable Omega 3 from pure Krill oil, make this a unique and essential for cat health.

The product is also extremely easily to administer, as it is well received and tastes good to pets, so much so that it can be administered alone or added to the pet’s normal meal, without the risk of the animal refusing it or the meal itself.


Store in a cool, dry place, away from any heat sources. The expiry date refers to correctly stored products with the packaging intact. Protect the environment - dispose of the container appropriately after use. Keep out of sight and reach of children.


Scheda tecnica: 
Modalità d’uso: 
One sachet per day per 5 kg of weight of the animal. Administer to the pet on its own or mixed in with its favourite food. Make up the daily portion with the pet's usual food. Always make fresh water available. For proper nutritional supplementation, you are advised to administer the daily dose according to instructions once a day for 20 days a month and repeat the dosage for two to three months.

The product is available in the following format:

  • DìMMUNE F - Packet containing twenty 2.5-gram sachets - Paragraph code: 971231713