Dynamopet srl

Last revision date: September 2020

Business name: Dynamopet S.R.L.

Website: www.dynamopet.com 

Constitutive Act: Established in Verona on 1 August 2016 at the Silvio Scuccimarra Notary's Office

Capital: euro 14.080,00 i.v.

Registered office: Via dei Castagni, 10 – 37141 Verona

VAT number: 04431160235

Fiscal Code: 04431160235


Milan Business Register Office: 04431160235

PEC address: dynamopet@pec.it

Telephone: 045 693 87 65

Rea Code: VR - 419851

Registered in the Milan Business Register: Ordinary section from 08/08/2016

Registered in the Milan Business Register: Special section for innovative START-UP from 08/08/2018

Corporate purpose: see the Visura del Registro Imprese

Activities carried out and development costs: Over 20 years of experience in phytotherapeutic medicine of researchers and formulators have led to the creation of natural nutraceutical solutions of the highest quality for the well-being of the animal. The formulas are based on modern experimental and clinical research on the properties of plants, carried out in collaboration with universities in Italy and abroad, and combine the millenary tradition of phytotherapy with the most innovative experimental data. In carrying out its social activity, Dynamopet incurs research and development expenses aimed at the future improvement and development of product formulations.

List of investee companies:  Existence of professional relationships, collaborations or commercials with certified incubators, institutional and professional investors, universities and research centers: Professional relationships exist with: - University of Naples "Federico II" - Department of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Production - University of Perugia - Department of Veterinary Medicine.

List of intellectual property rights:  we have filed the patent n. 102020000014494

Balance: Consult the financial statements for details.

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